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THe Iggy Ice Show

Live Streams... How I lost over 70 pounds, Agape Love, Astral Projection & O.B.E.'s, New Releases: Music/videos/podcasts of network affiliates, Morning Streams: Cooking on site (various restaurants), low impact exercises for seniors: chair yoga, chair aerobics, meditation, juicing, counting calories, cell phone university, mind body soul integration through music, and dozens more... the list grows everyday. Afternoon streams: Happy Alway 4 Kids, Live Improv Theater, After Homework with Harley Ice & Friends, and more... Weekends: old cartoons: Black n White, (first colorization), Harley, Gia & Gabriella, (for ages 6-14), Complete details will be available on The Mog's main website in the near future. You can be a guest on The Iggy Ice Show, by setting up a ''Casting Call. A link will be sent to you only after a cell phone conversation. Once you get the link and follow the instructions... much love = peace = iAndroid since 1977 All artist who are selected to appear on The Iggy Ice Show are given the option to join our network, and be part of our Pay Per View, Compilation Promotional CDs & DVDs, and e-commerce In our network. The Record Label funds the Android Foundation with it's profits, (we keep only what we need to pay the bills), and give the rest to the artist for a limited licensing agreement with me personally, one to one. I give my share to Android's Little MOGs. There are details on how to apply to be a Guest on the show on the Mog main site, which will be password protected for cool people only. Oh, and for more information, fill out the contact page with your talents, and Ask for Rosie. Below: Title: "Oops, I Peed" CD: Mighty Mercy Label: MOG TOG VOG, E.G., Inc. & "Rainy Zaney Day" from CD: Coloring Book 4 Kids

  • Advertising

    Stand apart from your nearby competitors with 9th Gate Digi-Media's effective TV and digital campaigns. We provide local businesses with a whole suite of ad solutions and opportunities to reach the right customers and prospects at the right time and on the right devices — down to a household level. Advertise on System 14, a closed network based on geography, and industry: 14 Core Network Affiliates, plus room for 50 smaller companies on our perimeter. Common interests insures that all of our affiliates gain from integration in our system. Monthly live events. 24 hour programing to support our vendor affiliates. Live streams of: comedy, singers, songwriters, and bands, are provided for your entertainment, along with a secure shopping methodology, is available for our affiliates on iBella.us, Worldwide Fashion, Art & Entertainment Network. Product demonstrations both live and prerecorded, and commentary on economic, and social programs, e-books, movies, music videos, and contests, are planned for 2019.

  • Event Planning

    Android's Little MPGs - Summer Live Improv Theater: (5) week program - we rehearse for four weeks, and perform on the fifth! be love... evolve... iAndroid

  • Marketing Solutions

    Hi, Willie P, here to tell you about some of our marketing solutions... as most of them are secrets, heres a few: we stream live show which are numerous and varied, (G to R) ratings. We edit & archive them, make DVDs, mp3, and can distribute audio to 500 podcasts in our network. We print Soto Voce a play bill and distribute to homes, businesses, and online. Hey, like Frankie D. always says.. "that's just the tip of the iceberg!" ... to learn more you have to speak over the cell, or in person in order to protect our protocols, or via PM, or Email. We have lots to go over so be patient... Willy P., Director, A & E Whether your are affiliated with a corporation or charity, Iggy can help by streaming your event to your "guests" who were unable to attend. That's just the tip of the iceberg so to speak... here's what our director told Iggy: "...happiness comes to those homebound as well, when some of your friends and family view the links you send them to your events, or they, and others find the footage archived on our server. Oh, and we raise money for you guys as well... that's the whole point in a fundraiser I suppose... ha!" Contact Rosie for info about our Goddess Ball coming to your town beginning September 2019.